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How to choose a personal Electric Scooter?

Here in EGT and T4, our staff are ready to serve by helping to advise and shortlist the few suitable e-scooters that can fit your preferences!

To know how to find the right e-scooter, think on the following;

- Intention/Usage/Purpose? (E.g. Work? Fun?)

- What is distance you need to travel on average?

- Portability-wise

- Heavy or light usage?

Terms used for electric scooter


Ampere Hour (AH)  =  Capacity of the battery  (The bigger the capacity, the further the distance range)


Watt (W) = power of the motor (The bigger the wattage, the faster the speed)


Voltage (V) = Measure the power of the battery (The bigger the voltage, the longer the lasting range)

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